Spartan Brown Polarized Sport Sunglasses
Spartan Brown Polarized Sport Sunglasses
Spartan Brown Polarized Sport Sunglasses
Spartan Brown Polarized Sport Sunglasses
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Spartan Brown Polarized Sport Sunglasses

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Black full frame sport sunglasses are a must-have if you're a runner. Constructed with brown polarized lenses, these durable black sunglasses have a sports wrap frame to block more light from your eyes. The frame and temples are covered with a rubberized texture to hold the sunglasses secure while you move. The lenses extend a bit beyond the edge of the frame for just a little more peripheral vision - so you can stay aware of everything around you.

What do you need to know about polarized lenses? The filter blocks horizontal light while letting vertical light sources through. Polarized lenses cut glare so you can see beneath water surfaces. They prevent mirror and chrome reflections from blinding you, and provide more clarity when you're outdoors! From fishing to driving, snow to surf - make polarized sunglasses your first choice in eyewear!


  • Polycarbonate full frame construction
  • Brown acrylic lens with polarized film treatment
  • Sports wrap with straight temples
  • Frame width: 140.0 mm
  • Lens width: 65.0 mm
  • Lens height: 36.0 mm
  • Temple length: 130.0 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kenneth Haxel (Fayetteville, US)

Spartan Brown Polarized Sport Sunglasses

Steven Dupre (Folsom, US)
Spartan sunglasses

Very durable sunglasses with a good cost.

Helain Black (Spring, US)
Sadly, it broke.

My husband loves this brand for everyday use but sadly his pair broke/melted after forgetting it in his car.

HI Helain. We want to know more! Please reach out to us at help@piranhasunglasses.com or give us a call: 1-800-525-5097 EXT 6. We provide feedback to our product development team so we can do better.

Jeremy Fox (Apex, US)
Great cheap sunglasses

I personally have a knack for ruining sunglasses after a short period of time and refuse to buy expensive eyewear as a result. I’ve gone through dozens of pairs of cheap sunglasses, and have finally came across the perfect pair for me.

I’m a pilot and don’t wear anything other than brown lenses. These are great, and stay on the head very well. Many others have a tendency to fall of of my head when I tilt my head too far back or forward. This is not an issue with these. They stay tight on the side is the head.

The only complaint I have is that the soft touch coating rubs off over time. I’d honestly prefer no soft touch coating at all, but that’s no big deal.

After a month or two being worn, my headset wears the soft touch off of any areas that it makes contact with. I’ve seen this same problem with 75% of other sunglasses from other brands I’ve purchased as well (most were over double this price), so I’m still fully satisfied with these glasses. You can’t beat them for the price, especially when you’re like me and ruin a pair of sunglasses every few months.

These glasses live in a case in my car at all times that I am not flying, and I have had no issue with them deteriorating due to the heat yet. I’ve been using them for 4 months so far, and have two back up pairs in case I happen to kill the pair I’m using now.

B.C. (Cape Girardeau, US)
Mixed feelings

I purchased these sunglasses about 6 months ago when my previous piranha sunglasses of 5 years finally broke (sadly, no longer produced). As someone with light sensitivity, I needed brown polarized lenses and these certainly seemed to fit the bill.
However, today, 7-3-23, they broke. They survived about 6 months which is considerably less than what I expected. I will be purchasing a replacement of these exact pair, but I'll also be looking at other sunglasses and retailers in the event they don't last long.

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